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2007-09-30 06:09:04 by qeshi



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2007-11-09 18:05:11

Hello, I've wrote a review for your submition a looooong time ago...PM me if you responsed to this.


2009-02-28 15:29:52

i love the audio you have, a bit moreso than on your homepage - it might be my impatience. i love the bitesized tidbits here. its all very exotic but upbeat, even in your more somber tunes.


2009-04-09 03:06:43

Hey Emuzin here....Please visit my songs and so far the the only Frame by Frame Flash Animation I have ever created...just for the sole purpose to make another New Grounds Audio Portal user (krssvr) see his song come to life with a animated story...(so it is a vote for both as a collaborative effort) Ok..here are the links: 1. Dragons Beginnings (song) http://www.newgounds.com/audio/listen /
226159 or 2. Dragons New Flight (song) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n /225975 or 3. last, but certainly not least....My very first Frame by Frame Flash Animation "Cheating Death 2009 (Colab with music by krssvr) : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /
490357 ENJOY and Keep Creativity Alive. PEACE (remember the 10 I gave you)


2009-07-27 23:38:45

Awesome. Ill check it out.